watch my six

watch my six

The Urban Dictionary defines this phrase as:

covering your back. six comes from being behind a person (six o’ clock position). so “watch my six” is “cover me from behind”
SWAT Team Leader: Watch my six boys, this is goina get uglySWAT Team Members: Roger that sir.

I helped out Tun with a shoot he did for a designer friend – see, being antisocial brings you nowhere.. lol. His friend thought that the “Sphere within a Sphere” sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro in the United Nations would look rad as a backdrop for the shoot. It’s a good thing the security guard was cool with that idea too, anyhoo, the shots came out pretty good and it was fun.

Check out the photos (and the dresses) here.

EXIF information
model Canon EOS 40D
exposureTime 1/320 s
fnumber f/4.0
focalLength 81
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